Soulo Travel in Europe: Tips for Successful Travel

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Oh Europe! What a beautiful, magical place! So many wonderful places to visit. If you are planning a trip solo, below are some awesome solo travel tips from when I visited in Spring.
Planning Your Travel 
If you aren’t an experienced traveler, you want to pack…everything. Personally, I don’t see how you can do a Euro trip with a carry on. However, you may want to pack as light as possible.

Bring comfortable shoes. I’m 5’8”. Have you ever seen a tall person fall? Yeah, it’s not pretty. It’s like “Timberrrrrr.” Paris has MANY cobblestone streets. So yeah, don’t try to be cute and get far. This isn’t Sex and the City. I know how easy Carrie makes it look but I’m telling you, don’t do it. I even remember the first time I went to Paris.. let’s just say I’ll never forget how my feet felt trying to walk from the subway to dinner.

Try to bring only a couple pairs of jeans or bottoms that you can mix and match with tops.


On your flight and on your trip, stay Hydrated. This is even before you begin drinking. Or if you’re like me, you will be drinking before, during, and after your flight. You might think being dehydrated will help you avoid public bathrooms but being dehydrated will throw your immune system off. Speaking of public bathrooms, Europeans don’t use seat covers ladies, so make sure your squat game is on point.

More than likely-> You.will.drink. A lot.

I mean, I’m not 21 any more so my hangovers last for more than a day now. How did I avoid it this trip? Alka Seltzer. Yup. Don’t ask me how that works or what magical wizards put together this concoction but it works. Get a hold of Vitamin Water and Coconut Water if you can as well.

I would drink from morning until night and I would chug an alka-seltzer before bed. Would wake up feeling like a champ and do it all over again.

*All restaurants charge for water and it can be more expensive than wine so make sure your priorities are in check.

Paris in Spring.

When you arrive and aren’t an experienced traveler, try to appear like you know where you are going. I’ve learned danger lurks anywhere you are so there is no need to panic about arriving alone but don’t look lost. Always look like you know where you are going.







Don’t exchange your money for euros. There are too many places that will rip you off. Stick to well known banks and pull euro instead.

Learn the basic “Please and Thank you” for any where you are SAY IT.

Granted, most place you will go, they will know the basic English but try and be courteous by saying the small basic words in their language.

Don’t smoke? Don’t go to Paris. Everyone smokes in Europe. Everyone. I can’t believe I didn’t join in on the death inducing activity but the cold I had was already suffocating my lungs so I was good on that end.

Don’t believe the b.s. that people say about French people, “I hear the French hate Americans.” This may be true with any country or race but it’s all about getting back what you give.

When in Rome….Do NOT cuss in front of the Vatican. I mean, do I need an explanation for that? Just. Don’t.

No matter how appealing, try to avoid long layovers. My trip consisted of traveling to Paris and Italy. Upon return, I flew from Italy to Paris but had a 10 hour layover in Milan. Not fun. By that time, you will be so ready to go home. I thought it would be exciting to visit Milan but you are so worried about time and most likely exhausted and just ready to be home. Not to mention, we arrived in the evening and the airport closes. So unless you have a place to stay outside of the airport, you’ll be sleeping on chairs or the floor. The airport in Milan was anything but luxurious.

Most importantly, have fun! Solo travel provides opportunity to take you out of your comfort zone!! Make new friends, new memories. This is living!

Until next time Soulo travelers!




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  1. Amanda Neely
    August 6, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    Thank you for this! Really helpful tips for when I travel to Europe!

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